My anxiety was ruling my life and I did not know why

When I contacted Nicki, I could hardly get out of the house. My anxiety was ruling my life and I did not know why. Even doing the weekly shop on my own started my heart racing. My family were great they came with me, but when faced with going alone I felt physically...

Nicki has taught me to open my mind

I have met with Nicki a few times over the last few years, needing some guidance as I had felt a little lost and overwhelmed.  Our chats usually start with her asking how I am, me saying ‘yes I’m fine’ and her responding with ‘but are you...

The Difference She Has Made To My Life Is Amazing

I have had regular sessions with Nicki and the difference she has made to my life is amazing. At our first meeting we  initially chatted over a cup of tea, from this first chat Nicki picked up on some issues I had, things I had not even realised were major issues in...

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