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As you can see from my website, hypnotherapy can be a wonderful ‘tool’ to use to help you in overcoming a variety of issues. However, if you come to see me as a client it is important to know that:

Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for professional medical care.

Neither I nor this website provides medical advice. It is for interest and information only.

On no occasion should hypnotherapy, or the techniques used within, be seen as a substitute for professional medical advice. Hypnotherapy acts as a complimentary therapy, not an alternative, to professional health care and advice should always be sought from your GP or other healthcare provider.

You are the only one who can make changes to your life.

Hypnotherapy does not work like a magic wand, although results can be achieved very quickly in some instances. You have to be motivated and committed to change – undertaking homework and tasks that may be set (for example additional reading, listening to CDs). This can be an essential part of the therapy process and in not doing this the effectiveness of the therapy can decrease. In other words, hypnotherapy involves commitment on your behalf, and may not work for everyone.

Hypnotherapy depends largely on your overall motivation to make changes in your own life. As a result, I can offer no certainties about your level of success. You are the only one who can do this. Ultimately, hypnosis cannot make you do anything you don’t want to do. However, what I can confirm is that I will always endeavour to help you to the best of my abilities.

It is my aim to help you facilitate a deeper awareness of your behaviour patterns helping you to empower yourself to make positive changes.

You are paying for my professional time and not necessarily a cure.

All the therapy solutions are Client-centred, meaning you take the lead.

Everyone is different and responds differently to hypnosis. In the same way, everyone may show different levels of success over different timescales. Sometimes all that may be needed is a small number of sessions. However, sometimes things might not be so straight-forward – other issues might emerge that you would like help with, so these are often dealt with before a successful outcome can be achieved. When we meet for an initial consultation we will discuss your needs, I will then plan and tailor an individual therapy strategy based on your individual requirements and personality type, to meet them, so the number of sessions will vary accordingly.


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